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Muscle Mend

Natural Recovery Oil

(53 customer reviews)

£ 24.99

Muscle Mend is a natural recovery oil developed from a unique blend of 100% pure botanical essential oils, containing both anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties designed to relax and soothe muscles that have been strained or injured, whilst aiding the recovery process.


Designed to assist sporting performance and recovery capabilities

Helps to naturally relieve sports related aches / pains

Perfect for aching muscles or joints

Based on 100% natural, pure essential botanical oils

Suitable for use before, in between and after training and competing

Does It Work?

Why use it?

  • Muscle Mend is a natural recovery oil made from 100% pure botanical essential oils.
  • The incredibly unique blend of carefully chosen essential oils in Muscle Mend is invigorating for your muscles and is designed to relax and soothe your muscles both during and after training/competing.
  • From aiding fatigued and tired muscles, to general aches and pains, Muscle Mend can also be used as a massage oil, or even by adding a few drops to a hot bath for recovery and relaxation purposes!
  • Muscle Mend also contains antioxidants, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids in Omega 3-6.
  • Has a pleasant scent and leaves no oily residue.
  • It is not an instant 'one application' form of relief for injuries, aches and pains. Muscle Mend is most effective when incorporated into an athletes daily routine of training and competing to provide them with better recovery and to allow them to maintain high levels of performance, with less pain.
  • Muscle Mend is perfect for anyone in any sport or activity, at any level, to maintain physical comfort before, during and after training/competing.
  • Muscle Mend does not contain nuts and has not been tested on animals.
  • Muscle Mend is suitable for vegans.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: Simply apply 5 drops of Muscle Mend directly to your skin on the required area and massage in. Apply 10-12 drops of Muscle Mend into the bath for incredible relaxation and recovery boost. For best results, incorporate into your daily routine.

For performance aid (pre-training/competition): Pre-load your system by applying 5 drops of Muscle Mend to the required area(s) first thing in the morning. Apply a further 5 drops again, 30-40 minutes before your session/competition. The benefits are noticeable approximately 30 minutes following application.

For recovery aid (post-training/competition): Apply 5 drops of Muscle Mend to the required area(s) immediately. Apply a further 5 drops post shower/bath. For maximum results, apply again before bed.

Ingredients / Health & Safety


Frankincense oil – Provides anti-inflammatory effects to help reduce joint inflammation.

Ginger oil – Has a warming effect on sore muscles, which helps to relieve pain.

Rosemary oil – Contains the ability to ease pain and inflammation.

Peppermint oil – Has a cooling effect on sore, achy muscles, also containing anti-inflammatory properties.

Lavender oil – Calms and relaxes, also relieves pain and inflammation.

Marjoram oil – Helps to relax muscle spasms and tension, eases pain and inflammation.

Contains Omega-3.

Health & Safety

As Muscle Mend is a 100% natural product, it complies with all UK & International drug testing guidelines. Muscle Mend conforms to IFRA regulations.

Muscle Mend is suitable for vegans, does not contain nuts and has not been tested on animals. Do not use on pre-existing skin conditions. Do not use during pregnancy.

For external use only. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

53 reviews for Muscle Mend

  1. Kevin Cartwright

    Relaxed my shoulder pain 100%

  2. Joanne Plowright

    100% would recommend, I’ve been using this after my workouts and it has taken the doms almost completely away! I used to suffer horrendously with doms especially on leg days but this has helped me so much, so thank you! 🙂

  3. Jake C.

    Fantastic service quick and reliable t-shirt was bang on as well

  4. Sian F.

  5. Sarah Hirons

    Great product, game changer with Doms the next day: non greasy feel too. Perfect

  6. Denise R.

    Great service, fast delivery and the product smells amazing. Love using it.

  7. Marta Nowicka

    The best recovery oil for sore muscles and joints! Really quick results of bringing relief. It helps to relax by adding it to bath, or simply use it as a massage oil. Highly recommended.

  8. Kevin Brennan

    Good stuff recommended it

  9. Mohammed Nadeem

    1st timer but it let me do a full shoulder session without pain ?

  10. Anonymous

  11. Stuart K.

    Great product, easy to apply and a multitude of uses

  12. Anonymous

  13. Judith B.

    Relieved deep-set pain in hip after exercise

  14. Malcolm Berridge BEM

    The product is brilliant my son brought me some back from Birmingham so I thought some more whilst the product is brilliant and the order I made with you I found in the middle of my garden in the rain but the product is good change people posters thank you you I will buy again recommend anybody to use this

  15. Archie

    Was sceptical before ordering but ordered a bottle and I’m shocked how fast it worked relieving joint and muscle pain.. 1st application lasted up to 12hrs before I had to reapply.. Fantastic product would recommend 👍🏻

  16. Nicole

    Best product around! I always put about 12 drops in my bath and come out feeling brand new!

  17. Ben

    Incredible product! Use it in the bath and you feel brand new the next day. Used it on injuries too and it really does take the pain away, the difference when not using it is massive. Highly recommend!

  18. Hannah Rundle

    Smells lovely and works wonders

  19. Tom Parker

    What a unbelievable product! My knees have been hurting for years, they got that bad that even gentle exercise was causing severe pain. Somebody said I should try Muscle Mend but I was very sceptical, they convinced me to give it a try so I thought why not and I’m so glad they did….. as recommended I started using it twice daily and after 3 days I had no knee pain, not even after exercise! I now use it every day and it has honestly changed my life.

    I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  20. Madeleine C

    Works like magic! No longer suffer with DOMS, smells fabulous and is super relaxing when added to a bath. An absolute life saver to a dancer like me. Would highly recommend!

  21. Joe Ballinger

    As a competitive bodybuilder, being prepped and ready to train is so important. I have slightly bad knees from years of heavy squats and leg days, and using muscle mend pre workout on my knee joints and surrounding areas really does help warm and prepare the area for work. Then back my knee sleeves on top. I wouldn’t train heavy legs now without it. Recovery on point!

  22. Faye

    Been using muscle mend since it was released back in 2020, it’s a standard routine for me! Training hard in the gym as a Trained Bikini Competitor I’m certainly one who needs help with delayed onset muscle soreness- a few squibs of this in a bath really does reduce recovery time and smells absolutely lush! Any little niggles along the way always get treated with this, hands down a product I would recommend! I’ve passed this recommendation onto friends and family who either train or have other aches and pains including arthritis and they have always sung it’s praises! 10/10, does exactly what it says it should!

  23. Nancy Gibson

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!
    I’m all about healing naturally and these natural oils combined together not only have a beautiful smell but do the job. I’m so happy to have this as part of my habitual ritual in recovery which means a lot to me. Thank you Muscle Mend!

  24. Calvin

    Great product!
    Been using it for a while now and it just gives me that Instant relief from DOMs.
    As a bodybuilding competitor I train very intense and very often and musclemend has proven to be very handy in reducing recovery time!

  25. Dom

    This product is honestly amazing, I don’t no how it works but it’s an absolute must in my weekly recovery now!. I’ve also used to help aid injury’s in the past with great success 100% recommended

  26. Andy Logan

    Suffer from sore quads when running, muscle mend before and after helps stop a lot of the pain and then ease it afterwards. Also great for helping me work out for longer in the gym. Smells great, too! Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  27. Archie

    Use it in my bath after every training session/game and my legs always feel good to go the next day! Would recommend to any athletes who want to recover quickly or anyone with aches and pains that need some relief and relaxation

  28. CJ Challenger

    I swear by muscle mend ! I literally use it all the time, Pre and post training sessions. Mostly though I use it in the bath absolute game changer

  29. simon badland

    I signed up to do a charity bike ride from Lands End to John o’ Groats recently. I knew I was ‘fit enough’ but I have had a long-standing issue with my right knee. I get daily pain and it gets worse with exercise, so with having to cover 1000 miles in 10 days I was understandably worried! A friend of mine introduced me to Muscle Mend and suggested I use it during the ride. I applied it to my knees and into my lower back, thighs and calves as my calves often tighten up during long rides too. From the first day of riding, I had absolutely no knee pain, and my legs and back felt fresh and well recovered each morning. Muscle Mend helped make the ride pain free, enjoyable, and I finished without injury. Brilliant stuff. I highly recommend it!

  30. Kate Saunders

    Excellent product.
    Gets me through the pain barriers of returning to the gym and incredibly helpful combating joint pain caused by the onset of menopause
    Has instantly become my my ‘GO TO’ product!
    Highly recommend!!

  31. Sam Herrington

    Brilliant product!! Using musclemend to recover from the aches and pains of training has made a real difference to the DOMs I suffer.

    And if I want a good nights sleep, I always have a musclemend bath and I’m out like a light.

    Could recommend highly enough!!

  32. Neil Crowther

  33. Melissa

    Amazing oil! Highly recommended – helped immensely with my arthritic pains in joints and muscles allowing me to move better and engage easily in sportive activities. It also help improve my sleep too! Thank you

  34. Alex

    Can honestly say this is the best product going amazing for my recovery any aches and pains it works it’s wonders! Don’t think I’ve had a bath without it! Highly recommended

  35. Alex

    Been using muscle mend for a while! Originally for my calf muscle soreness. Now have it post leg training to aid recovery. Smells great too!

  36. smartkarly

    Have been using this product for the past few weeks and I can honestly say its changed my life. I am a sepsis survivor and I have finally been able to get back to training after years so you can imagine the doms I’m getting. Managed a heavy leg session and used this post workout on my aching muscles and in the bath before bed and I had barely any doms the following day, it’s brilliant.
    I also use this as a muscle relaxant for issues associated with menstruation and it cuts it completely in half no cramping what’s so ever.
    If there’s ever a bottle of something you need this is definitely it 🤩🤩🤩

  37. Linda H.

    Love this stuff… does exactly what it says in the bottle…

  38. Tom Ryan

    This is great – in March I ran 100k for charity, plus still doing weight sessions, training for Rugby and playing games. I am convinced MuscleMend is why!

  39. Callum Stewatd

    Fantastic product… not only does it relieve my DOMS and make me feel super relaxed (esp in the sauna) it smells pleasant , doesn’t take a whole load to feel the benefits and doesn’t stink the gym out. The guys at muscle mend also provide a great service & answer any questions !

    Now a staple in my kitbag!!

  40. CP Coaching Academy

    Muscle mend have sponsored us at CP Coaching Academy for the last 12 months by supplying our players with the best recovery product on the market and we couldn’t recommend them enough. This natural oil has allowed players to perform at there optimum every session and game by looking after there muscles pre and post activity to reduce inflammation and speed up the recovery process. Players are recommendation to rub a few drops of the product on to targeted areas which are sore to reduce DOMS and keep them on track to succeeding on the field.

  41. Craig Burgoyne

    Only used it a couple of times so far but seems to be a good product.
    My only criticism is the bottle when u press to get the oil out it leaks out in 2 places..but it definitely helps the muscles

  42. Emma

    I’ve been using muscle mend for any niggles & pain I get through training in the gym, feels fab after just a few minutes, can be used in the bath too! I’ve got sensitive skin so at first I was concerned how using a product like this would react, but I’ve had zero issue, it smells amazing! & leaves the skin super soft. Would 100% recommend!

  43. Stevie

    Seems to be helping my sore shoulder

  44. Jacqueline W.

    Really did help would recommend

  45. Kirsty

    I suffer with sciatica and a bad back and I use Muscle Mend to alleviate the pain from that. I tend to suffer more in the mornings and it helps to get me up and moving as it works quickly. After the gym I use it in the bath as it helps relax my muscles; also smells amazing. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone suffering with similar aches and pains.

  46. Rachel M.

    Great product my clients and myself love it. Great smell and lovely warm feeling when applied. It really eases the recovery process.

  47. Qamar

    Been using this product for 3 days now and has already made a massive difference on a nagging shoulder injury I had – training has improved greatly through this

  48. Michael

    Musclemend is the first thing I have tried on my arthritic knees that has relieved the pain 😅.

  49. Ian England

    This stuff is amazing, brilliant for my shoulder, However I’m not complaining as I can’t fault this but when I opened my package half of it had gone as it had been leaking in transit 😔

  50. David Cottle

    Good soothing effect soon after application

  51. Liam

    Just started using muscle mend as ive been suffering with a pain in my right knee and WOW this works absolute wonders, cant reccomend this enough, i even got my mum a bottle as she suffers with arthritis in her hands and she is literaly a diffrent person since using it has changed her life in so many ways

  52. Craig Macdonald

  53. Karly

    Lovely smell and applies well but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me and help with any pain….My knees must be past the point of help from a natural product.

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